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This page contains a list of all the words we currently have Egyptian Arabic dialect translations for. It is organized alphabetically by the English words and can be filtered by letter to help locate the word you are searching for. If you know the exact word you want the translation for, consider using the "Find a word" box on the homepage.

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English Egyptian Arabic Audio Pronunciation
To Changeيغير
To Chooseيختار
To Cleanينضف
To Cutيقص
To Danceيرقص
To Dryينشف
To Eatياكل
To Fixيصلح
To Goيروح
To Go Outيخرج
To Like يحب
To Listenيسمع
To Loveيحب
To Makeيعمل
To Meetيقابل
To Moveيتحرك
To Openيفتح
To Orderيطلب
To Playيلعب
To Prepareيحضر
To Putيحط
To Readيقرا
To Receiveيستقبل
To Rentياجر
To Restيستريح
To Runيجري
To Say يقول
To Singيعني
To Sleepينام
To Switch Onيشغل
To Takeياخد
To Talkيتكام
To Travelيسافر
To Useيستعمل
To Waitيستن
To Wake Upيصحى
To Washيغسل
To Watchيتفرج
To Workيشتغل
To Writeيكتب
Toastعيش توست
Tourist Guideمرشدة سياحية
Traffic Lightالاشارة
Train Stationمحطة قطر
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